Welcome To Siren Bot

What is Siren Bot?

Siren is a general purpose Discord bot forked from JMusicBot written in Kotlin & Java using JDA.
It has many features such as moderation, music, fun, etc.
More features such as logging, giveaways, and tickets will be added soon!

Why Choose Siren

No Paywalls!

All features & commands are
available for free! No more
having to pay for basic things
like volume control & playlists.

No Limits!

Unlike other bots, there are
no limits to how long the songs
you play are, how many you
can have in the queue, etc.

It's Fast!

With some bots, there are
often outages or times
where the bot's speed drops.
This doesn't happen with Siren.

It's Well Maintained!

Siren is constantly being updated
to add more features and to fix
bugs. If you encounter a bug,
please report it in the discord.

It's Open Source!

This means that you can view the
source code by clicking here.
You can also open an issue here.

Auto Moderation

Coming Soon:
Siren has powerful & effective
auto moderation abilities to prevent
spam, explicit language, web URLs, etc.

Unique Fun Commands

Siren has fun and unique commands
such as the roll command. When ran, it
sends a GUI where people can roll dice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I submit a bug report?
A: Join our discord server and report your bug in the 
#bug-reports channel.

Q: How do I receive support? 
Join our discord server and message the #support channel.

Q: How do I contact an admin?
Please send a message to
@Keyboardsheep 82#0001 on discord.

Q: Can you make me a customized version of Siren?
Yes, I can! Send a message to
@Keyboardsheep 82#0001 on discord so we can discuss details.